Huntingwood Trails East Development Proposal Rejected by Town of Collingwood

  February 21, 2024 The east side of the Silvercreek Wetland south of Highway 26 has survived another development application. The Blue Mountain Watershed Trust was pleased with Town of Collingwood Council’s unanimous rejection of the Huntingwood Trails East development application. On February 5th  the Town of Collingwood Planning Department recommended [...]

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Our greatest success of 2023 – Clearview Township’s withdrawal of the Development Permit Application to the Niagara Escarpment Commission to redevelop Side Road 26/27.

Our legal efforts at the Ontario Land Tribunal represent an almost 10-year odyssey of research, opposition and advocacy, that resulted in a massive win for the Trust and for the environmentally significant Sideroad 26-27, protecting the two most sensitive land use designations within the Niagara Escarpment and preserving cold water fisheries [...]

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Golf Course Pesticides 2023 results

(Submitted by WAG member Chris Mifflin) Golf courses are known for having perfect, weed-free turf. But this perfection comes at a price. Many kinds of grass on our local golf courses are not native to Ontario and require intense maintenance not only to stay green and lush but to ensure its [...]

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Bridgewater OLT Hearing (May 17th – 19th, 2023)

The Blue Mountain Watershed took participant status at the OLT (Ontario Land Tribunal) hearing (May 17th – 19th, 2023) regarding the town’s “lack of decision” on the increased density request by the developer.  This development had previously been approved by the OMB in 2007 with concessions made to the Trust regarding [...]

Huntingwood Trails – Success! For now…

Huntingwood Trails, virtually on the banks of Silver Creek, and surrounded by provincially significant wetlands, is a development for which the Town of Collingwood had closed the file due to failure to fulfill conditions for Draft Plan of Subdivision. The proponent appealed to the OLT and Watershed Trust members took party [...]

Bill 23 ‘eroding’ protections we rely on

The Watershed Trust plays a central role in this article by Erika Engel in Collingwood Today. 'If there’s a time and a place for you to step up and spend more time and energy trying to coordinate with other similar-minded people, to put some of your money where your mouth is, [...]

Reconstruction of Side Road 26/27 and Closure of County Road 91-A Massive Mistake

The Blue Mountain Watershed Trust (BMWT), concerned area residents, and sister organizations have united to support the Niagara Escarpment Commission’s (NEC) denial of the Township of Clearview’s Application Permit to reconstruct Nottawasaga Side Road 26/27 and close a section of former Simcoe County Road 91 abutting the Walker Aggregate existing and [...]

Castle Glen Development-A Threat to Silver Creek Wetlands

Castle Glen has long been a massive proposed development in The Blue Mountains on County Road 19 near Osler Bluff Ski Club. The development has been on the books since 2006, when the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) gave approval for the development proposal on the 620-hectare property, which could include up [...]

Bridgewater (Consulate East)-Another Development Threat

This is a long-standing application and one in which the Trust has been extremely active over many years, based on its direct adjacency to the Provincially Significant Silver Creek Wetlands. The 37.16-hectare Bridgewater development lies to the north of Highway 26 West and to the south and west of Bartlett Boulevard [...]

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