We are happy to announce the Town of Clearview has decided to withdraw from permitting the proposed reconstruction of 26/27 Sideroad. Thank you for your donations and support and especially to the Trust members and volunteers who worked so hard during this long endeavour.

We’re not finished! On the heels of the withdrawal of the development permit appeal and Niagara Escarpment Plan amendment relating to the proposed reconstruction of 26/27 Sideroad, Blue Mountain Watershed Trust has notified the Ontario Land Tribunal that it will seek costs from the Township of Clearview in the amount of $32,425.  This was the cost incurred to retain expert witnesses during proceedings and was not remotely what it might have been but for the generous pro bono legal representation we received. We will pursue costs in order to re-build our reserves, ensuring we are able to respond in a meaningful way to the many threats to the Watershed that still exist.