Bill 23 ‘eroding’ protections we rely on

The Watershed Trust plays a central role in this article by Erika Engel in Collingwood Today. 'If there’s a time and a place for you to step up and spend more time and energy trying to coordinate with other similar-minded people, to put some of your money where your mouth is, [...]

Preserve the Pretty River or Dig a Gravel Pit?

Preserve the Pretty River or Dig a Gravel Pit? By Don Avery On April 4, 2018, The Blue Mountains Committee of the Whole unanimously rejected the application of the Gibraltar Sand and Gravel Company for an amendment to the Official Plan and Zoning Policy. However, 12 days later this decision was [...]

Runoff and Erosion

Runoff and Erosion Spring Freshet 2016 By George Powell, member of WAG Committee Past articles in “The Watershed News” have endeavoured to bring to the membership our concerns regarding the impact of erosion on the Blue Mountain Watershed. Our involvement in the Townline Creek Assessment Reports has been ongoing since 2007. [...]

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