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#POTW: Known for its beautiful and clean turquoise blue waters, Georgian Bay is part of one of the largest bodies of freshwater in the world.  It is also a favourite place for all of us swim, boat and enjoy. 🌊⛵️☀️

This beautiful photograph was taken just off the Bruce Trail at Halfway Log Beach on the Bruce Pennisula.
Photo Credit:  Diane Hanson

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#POTW: American Goldfinc
The beautiful American Goldfinch is the state bird of New Jersey, Iowa and Washington.  It is a welcome site at feeders and amongst our flowers in Collingwood and throughtout the Georgian Bay area.

This lovely finch was found in Duncan's backyard perched on a coneflower.

Photo Credit:  Duncan Bristow
#POTW: 🕊 White Egret Enjoying Dinner

White egrets are herons that have white or buff plumage. They are found all over the world and can live and hunt in both saltwater and freshwater wetlands.

This beautiful egret was found enjoying his dinner in the wetlands near Collingwood in May this year. #savethewetland 🌊

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Brydges

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#POTW: BMWT President Recognized by Bruce Trail 🌲
Photo Credit: Duncan Bristow

Norm Wingrove, long-time member and Acting President of the BMWT, Environmental & Nature Activist and former Director of Finance for the NVCA was recently recognized for his life-long support of the Bruce Trail Conservancy with a plaque named in his honour.  Located just south of the Dufferin Hi-Lands section of the Bruce Trail in Mulmur Township, Dufferin County, the plaque is located on a beautiful bridge crossing the Black Bank Creek, a tributary of the Pine River.  The Pine joins into the Nottawasaga at Angus.

The Bruce Trail Conservancy has worked tirelessly to preserve much of the natural beauty of the Escarpment and surrounding lands.  This picture of Norm's plaque is taken against one of the many beautiful waterfalls found on the trail

Our thanks for your incredible work on behalf of all of us and congratulations Norm!
#POTW: Red-winged Blackbird In Flight

The stunning male Red-winged Blackbird is hard to mistake with their even glossy black with scarlet-and-yellow shoulder badges.  One of the most abundant birds across North America, they are a familiar and beautiful sight atop cattails in our wetlands or branches in our forests. 

This spectacular photograph of a Red-wing Blackbird in full flight was taken in April in the wetlands of the Collingwood harbour. 

Photo Credit:  Duncan Bristow
Mayflowers-A Sign of Spring!
The beautiful Mayflower is a sure sign that Spring is here!  They are most commonly found in rocky pastures, barren lands and grassy areas where the soil is acidic and well-drained.

This beautiful photo was taken on the popular Kolopore Uplands hiking trail near Collingwood.

Photo Credit and Commentary:  Duncan Bristow
#POTW: Mother's Day is Every Day!
PC: Morag McKenzie

Even while warming her eggs, this Mother Swan is working tirelessly to build her nest and new home for her coming cygnets.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the beautiful Georgian Bay area and around the world as together we celebrate the endless love and care that mothers give to their children and families.
#POTW: Muskrat in Collingwood Harbour ☀️
Photo Credit:  Jeffrey Brydges

Collingwood and the Blue Mountains wetlands are teaming with plant and wildlife activity.  This muskrat was found meandering through the wetlands in Collingwood's harbour in the Spring 2021. Muskrats make a valuable contribution to wetlands and aquatic communities. By harvesting plants for food and den sites, they create open water for ducks, geese, shorebirds and other wildlife.  In addition, a variety of animals and birds use muskrat lodges and platforms to rest and nest. #savethewetlands
#POTW: The Silver Creek Wetlands 🌊

In partnership with the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority, The Towns of Collingwood and The Blue Mountains, the Blue Mountain Watershed Trust erected new signs on Highway 26 at both the East and West ends of the Silver Creek Wetlands. 

These signs ensure residents and visitors alike are aware of the provincial significance of the vast Silver Creek Wetlands. 

Covering over 450 acres, the Silver Creek Wetlands are fed by two streams and provide invaluable ecological services including improved water quality, reducing flood damage and erosion and providing a home for the Wetlands' unique flora, innumerable birds and wildlife. 

Photo Credit and BMWT Signage Program Lead: Chris Mifflin
Today we celebrated the Earth! How did you spend #earthday2021 ?
Carl, Willow and Jean-Jacques Michener collect all the trash - mostly construction waste from a nearby DUNNCAP development- along a short stretch of Collingwood’s Pretty River.
#POTW: Common Goldeneye Duck 🦆
Photo Credit and Commentary: Pauleen Home

The male Common Goldeneye adds a bright note to winter days with its radiant amber eye, glistening green-black head, and crisp black-and-white body and wings. The female has a chocolate brown head with the same bright eye that gives this species its name. These distinctively shaped, large-headed ducks dive for their food, eating mostly aquatic invertebrates and fish. This male Goldeneye Duck was seen swimming with his mate on a pond near Thornbury.

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#POTW: Little River Beach, Thornbury
Photo Credit: Diane Hansons

The Little River Beach Park is easily one of the prettiest Harbours on Georgian Bay. The beach itself is a mix of both soft sand and rocky pebbles, with a few treed areas for those in need of shade. The nearby Thornbury pier is a popular diving spot for the daring. This beautiful photo of the beach was taken just as the waves were rolling in and clouds beginning to gather.

#naturephotography #nature #collingwood #water #beautifulnaturephotography
Turquoise Blue and Winter White ❄️

Georgian Bay's turquoise blue colour is a magnificent contrast to winter's snowy and icy whites and forest greens.  This beautiful photograph was taken in February in Bruce Peninsula National Park at the High Dump campground.

Photo Credit: Carl Michener

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The 890 km Bruce Trail is one of Ontario's true treasures.  This beautiful photograph was taken near the Bruce Trail off Country Road 10 north of Country Road 124 in the Collingwood area this February.  The trail's unique culverts and caves are just a few of the Bruce Trail's exciting features which snowshoers and hikers are able to enjoy each winter.
Ruth Mary Jane Plant, highest bidder, bought Counted Blessings, donated by renowned artist Sue A. Miller to help fundraise for our fight to stop the Sideroad 26/27 upgrade and keep County Road 91. 
Thanks, Ruth!
Learn more about our fight through the link in our bio.
Thank you to everyone who bid on our auction for this piece from Sue A. Miller. 

A winner has been finalized, thank you to Ruth Plant for the winning bid of $1,950!
The full amount will go directly to our fight to SAVE Escarpment wetlands and KEEP County Road 91 by allowing us to hire experts and consultants.
It’s the last day to bid on this beautiful painting by Sue A. Miller! 
The current highest bid is $1900 from @sandralackie, thank you!

See our previous post for more info and to bid 🌊 All proceeds will go towards our fight to SAVE Escarpment wetlands and KEEP County Road 91.
Local artist, Sue A. Miller, displays her passion for nature through her paintings. "Nature’s enduring appeal is what propels my creative drive as well as my commitment to responsible stewardship. Through a visual language that aims to reflect the universal through the personal, my work thus aims to compel our connection to nature, to which we owe a great debt--given not only our devastating impact on it but also, of course, our reliance on it."

Sue has generously donated one of her original pieces, Counted Blessings, for our auction. See our previous post for more info and to bid!

Proceeds will go directly to our fight to SAVE Escarpment wetlands and KEEP County Road 91. Link in bio for more info on this battle.
The ever-popular 34 kilometre Georgian Trail runs between Collingwood and Meaford, passing through Thornbury and many other beautiful landmarks. It crosses 5 rivers and creeks including Ash Creek, Silver Creek, Indian Brook, the Beaver River and Workman Creek. A favourite trail for walkers, joggers, cyclists, cross-country skiers and snowshoers, it truly is a trail for all seasons. This wintery photo was recently taken on the Georgian Trail near Thornbury.
*Auction closed. Winner will be messaged*
People care about preserving the natural integrity of our Escarpment, that is clear. Together we have raised approximately $18,000 in donations to help in our battle to SAVE Escarpment wetlands and help KEEP County Road 91. This puts us past the halfway mark to our goal of $30,000. Thank you for contributing!

If you're not sure what we're talking about, visit the link in our bio to learn more and watch our webinar!

Local artist, Sue A. Miller, has generously donated a painting (in the photo above), Counted Blessings, a work in oil on wood panel, 36”x46”, valued at $3500. If you love fine art, especially contemplative water scenes, here is your chance to put in a bid ($500 to start) and help us in our fight, all at once.

From now until Saturday 20 February at 9:59 pm, you can put in a bid ($500 opening bid) by commenting below on this post. All bids are in CAD.
#photooftheweek Two Bald Eagles Nesting

Sighting a bald eagle soaring in the sky is always majestic. However, it can be even more exciting to spot a pair in their enormous nest. These beautiful eagles were spotted in their nest in the Silver Creek Wetlands last Spring. In recent years, bald eagles were near extinction due to human activity and lack of suitable habitat, yet another reason why preserving our wetlands is so critical.

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#photooftheweek Beautiful Winter White
This beautiful photograph was taken at the top of the Niagara escarpment near the Scenic Caves. It highlights the many shades of white, blue and green found in our snowy winter landscapes.
Photo Credit: Barbara Reid
Today is World Wetlands Day!
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#photooftheweek Winter at Blue Mountain

Like many of you, I am missing our traditional Collingwood-area winter activities including downhill skiing and snowboarding. This week's Nature Photo was taken last winter and features an early snowfall at one of my favourite skiing destinations- Blue Mountain's South Base Lodge.
Looking forward to a big snowfall and more fun winter activities! 
Photo Credit: Jeffrey Bridges
Ever wonder why Collingwood and Blue Mountain's wetlands are so important?  One of the many reasons is they are home to some of our most important and beautiful birds, animals, mammals and other creatures.  The majestic Bald Eagle is always a thrill to see whether soaring in the sky or perched in a tree.  This stunning Bald Eagle was sighted in the Clearview wetlands.
Photo Credit: George Powell
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Walker Aggregates has an agreement to purchase the western portion of former County Road 91 (CR91) abutting their properties. They propose to replace this 100-year-old inter-county road by upgrading seasonal Sideroad 26/27.
Neither the purchase nor the replacement should happen. We’re here to see that they won’t. The Watershed Trust has been fighting this fight since 2015—now we need your help.

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"Just as it was this morning, this beautiful Snowy Owl can sometimes be spotted on a cold, sunny day in these parts where it spends the winter before heading north again in the spring to its breeding grounds in Northern Canada. This photo was taken near Stayner. As you can see Snowy Owls like to perch on the top of hydro / telephone poles where they scan the countryside for their typical meal of 7-12 mice a day.  Their eyesight is so acute they can even spot creatures moving under the snow. This large owl ( 0.5 m. tall with a wingspan of 1.5 m.) is active during the day as well as at dawn and dusk."
Photo and Commentary Credit: Gary Cauthers