Silver for the Silver Creek

COVID-19 has resulted in the cancellation of any number of significant celebrations and events, not the least of which is the 25th Anniversary of the formation of the Blue Mountain Watershed Trust. The roots of the Trust center around the Silver Creek Wetland, first designated as a provincially significant wetland in [...]

Developer Wants to Double the Density Within the Silver Creek Wetland

We made a submission to the Public Meeting in Collingwood on March 25, 2019,  regarding the proposed zoning by-law amendment for Bridgewater on Georgian Bay. The essence of the submission follows. The new proposal is essentially the same as the plan approved by Ontario Municipal Board in 2007 commonly known as [...]

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Saving our Shoreline: We Helped Fight the Phrag

Watershed Trust is one of the community groups helping to cut back invasive Phragmites, the pernicious grass that’s spreading along the Georgian Bay shoreline, local wetlands and streams. We received a $15,000 grant from the Weston Foundation towards Fighting the Phrag and passed the money on to the NVCA. Sarah Campbell, [...]

How Well Protected is the Silver Creek Wetland?

By Jan Ferrigan Almost anyone who moves to this area has the same sentiment that basically translates to – “Now that I’ve moved here, it’s getting crowded.” Newcomers and long time residents all want to slow development and preserve the natural areas that make South Georgian Bay such a wonderful place [...]

A Report on our Year-Long Silver Creek Stewardship Initiative

A Report on our Year-Long Silver Creek Stewardship Initiative By Rebecca Ferguson, project manager of the Silver Creek Stewardship Initiative Another year is coming to a close—and with it ends the Silver Creek Stewardship Initiative. The vision for the Stewardship Initiative began in the spring of 2015 at Feast in the Forest. Kolapore Springs [...]

The Silver Creek Stewardship Initiative

The Silver Creek Stewardship Initiative By Rebecca Ferguson, Project Manager of the Stewardship Initiative The Blue Mountain Watershed Trust began with a strong commitment to stewardship. It remains a part of our mission to educate the community on environmental issues in the watershed and to promote environmentally responsible solutions. The vision [...]

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Ambitious new Silver Creek Stewardship project kicks off

Tuesday, 08 March 2016 22:15 With funding in hand, the Blue Mountain Watershed Trust kicks off an ambitious new project to preserve and protect a local Class A salmon & trout stream. Collingwood, ON –It began last spring when the Kolapore Springs Fish Hatchery welcomed one and all to its Feast [...]

Silver Creek Wetland: Communicating our Vision for the Future

Silver Creek Wetland: Communicating our Vision for the Future By Don Kerr Last Sandpiper in the Silver Creek Wetlands Area. Photo by Cameron Powell For 20 years, The Watershed Trust has been reacting to proposals and applications for development in the Silver Creek Wetland area.  We expected that sometime [...]

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