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Silver Creek Wetland, Mouth of Creek

The Pretty River, Winter 2014

Silver Creek Wetland, Princeton Shores

Sunset Point Collingwood

The Blue Mountain Watershed Trust Foundation

  • MISSION STATEMENT: To preserve and Enhance the Blue Mountain Watershed Ecosystem

    Our NEW Watershed Trust video clip is now on YouTube! Click on the bottom-right to watch it full-size:

    Our area of interest is composed of independent watersheds that originate in the Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. The watercourses drain directly into Georgian Bay and include Silver Creek, Black Ash Creek, Townline Creek, Pretty River, Batteaux River, Indian Brook and the Beaver River as well as smaller streams. Our area of interest forms a rectilinear shape bounded by the Georgian Bay shoreline to the north and the highlands of the Niagara Escarpment to the south – an area totaling approximately 90,000 hectares.

    The Watershed Trust’s watershed boasts a unique and diverse natural environment. It supports a wide array of terrestrial and aquatic wildlife. This attracts visitors and new residents due to its natural beauty. Because of this unique natural environment and geographic location, our watershed is under great pressure to support increased recreational, residential/commercial, extractive and rural activities. Because of the social, economic and ecological value of our remaining wild and delicate places, the Watershed Trust is committed to ensuring the continued environmental health and integrity of our watershed.
    We are stewards of the Blue Mountains area. As such, we undertake a broad variety of activities including:

        Raising public awareness and outcry about imminent dangers to our natural heritage
        Monitoring water quality, pollution and turbidity & working with government and the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority
        Negotiating directly with developers in our area to reduce pressure on sensitive areas
        Engaging with 3 levels of government on conservation issues
        Holding quarry operators to account and challenging expansion plans
        Fundraising to support our work

    Blue Mountain Watershed Trust Foundation
    P.O.Box 605
    Collingwood ON
    L9Y 4E8
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Awards & Donations


Town of Collingwood Chamber of Commerce

The Blue Mountain Watershed Trust is the winner of the Collingwood Chamber of Commerce 2016 Not for Profit Organization Award. We received a beautiful desk clock plus a certificate from Sandra Cooper, Mayor of Collingwood. The Watershed Trust thanks the Chamber and our Board members Blanka Guyatt and Carl Michener for submitting our successful nomination.

The tree is one of two Sugar Maples donated by the Trust to the Collingwood Arboretum, which is located in Heritage Park (behind McDonald's). The Arboretum is managed and maintained by the Collingwood Horticultural Society. The two trees were donated in the 1990's and have grown into beautiful specimens.

Also, Blanka has arranged for donation of eight 8-10 foot trees which have been planted in Bayview Park in Thornbury.

Ontario Trillium Foundation Silver Creek Stewardship Initiative

Silver Creek Stewardship Initiative: In January 2016, the Watershed Trust received a grant of $60,700 from the Ontario Trillium Foundation for the project to engage the community to help and protect Silver Creek, the most unspoiled watershed in the area. Encouraging people to support a healthy and sustainable environment, this initiative is helping conservation and restoration efforts on the Creek.
To administer the grant, a separate sub-committee has been established. It consists of Don Avery, Project Director; Carl Michener, Watershed Trust Director and Chair of the WT Communications Committee; Eric Willis WT Director; George Powell, Vice-Chair of our Watershed Action Group (WAG) Committee and expert on water issues; and Doug Brown, WAG member and former President of the Pine River Watershed Initiative Network (based in Ripley). In addition, the sub-committee works closely with experts at the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority.
One of the major components of our Trillium grant were funds to support the appointment of a Program Manager. Ms. Rebecca Ferguson has been appointed to this position. For further information, please contact Rebecca at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 519-994-2480.
In stage one, a complete Ecological Land Classification mapping (ecotyping) of the entire 49 km of the Silver Creek watershed has been carried out. Using air photo interpretation and site validation (once landowner permission is given) an inventory of stewardship potential has been done along the Creek. For high priority areas, details about ownership, contact information, size of the property, and other features was compiled to help inform landowners about how they could “Save the Silver”.
Stage two was developing an inventory and contacting landowners.
Stage three is tree planting and stream bank restoration work, which is scheduled for fall 2016.




Collingwood Arboretum