Bridgewater OLT Hearing (May 17th – 19th, 2023)

The Blue Mountain Watershed took participant status at the OLT (Ontario Land Tribunal) hearing (May 17th – 19th, 2023) regarding the town’s “lack of decision” on the increased density request by the developer.  This development had previously been approved by the OMB in 2007 with concessions made to the Trust regarding [...]

Huntingwood Trails – Success! For now…

Huntingwood Trails, virtually on the banks of Silver Creek, and surrounded by provincially significant wetlands, is a development for which the Town of Collingwood had closed the file due to failure to fulfill conditions for Draft Plan of Subdivision. The proponent appealed to the OLT and Watershed Trust members took party [...]

Bill 23 ‘eroding’ protections we rely on

The Watershed Trust plays a central role in this article by Erika Engel in Collingwood Today. 'If there’s a time and a place for you to step up and spend more time and energy trying to coordinate with other similar-minded people, to put some of your money where your mouth is, [...]

Silver for the Silver Creek

COVID-19 has resulted in the cancellation of any number of significant celebrations and events, not the least of which is the 25th Anniversary of the formation of the Blue Mountain Watershed Trust. The roots of the Trust center around the Silver Creek Wetland, first designated as a provincially significant wetland in [...]

It’s hardly the place for a boat channel – George Powell speaks out in defense of our Wetlands

Click on the Link below for the article: ‘It’s hardly the place for a boat channel’: Collingwood environmental group critical of committee decision (

Indian Brook, Blue Mountains

A small watershed in the Blue Mountain Watershed Indian Brook Indian Brook is a relatively small watershed but nevertheless an important cold water fishery located to the west of Town of Blue Mountains. Flow path This small watercourse flows down the Niagara Escarpment within the Town of Blue Mountains east of [...]

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Saving our Shoreline: We Helped Fight the Phrag

Watershed Trust is one of the community groups helping to cut back invasive Phragmites, the pernicious grass that’s spreading along the Georgian Bay shoreline, local wetlands and streams. We received a $15,000 grant from the Weston Foundation towards Fighting the Phrag and passed the money on to the NVCA. Sarah Campbell, [...]

How Well Protected is the Silver Creek Wetland?

By Jan Ferrigan Almost anyone who moves to this area has the same sentiment that basically translates to – “Now that I’ve moved here, it’s getting crowded.” Newcomers and long time residents all want to slow development and preserve the natural areas that make South Georgian Bay such a wonderful place [...]

Preserve the Pretty River or Dig a Gravel Pit?

Preserve the Pretty River or Dig a Gravel Pit? By Don Avery On April 4, 2018, The Blue Mountains Committee of the Whole unanimously rejected the application of the Gibraltar Sand and Gravel Company for an amendment to the Official Plan and Zoning Policy. However, 12 days later this decision was [...]

Restoring Our Streams Clearview

  Touring the EcoPark, from left, Don Kerr, Wendy Smeh, both Watershed Trust representatives, Fred Dobbs of NVCA and Carl Michener, Watershed Trust board member. Restoring Our Streams: A Land Stewardship Project in Clearview By George Powell, WAG member At the invitation of Fred Dobbs of Nottawasaga Valley Conservation [...]

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