The Blue Mountain Watershed took participant status at the OLT (Ontario Land Tribunal) hearing (May 17th – 19th, 2023) regarding the town’s “lack of decision” on the increased density request by the developer.  This development had previously been approved by the OMB in 2007 with concessions made to the Trust regarding buffers to the wetlands.  The Trust provided a 35-page document  (including all of our involvement since 2007) arguing against the increased density based on proximity to the sensitive Silver Creek Wetlands (PSW) which essentially surround the development.  In addition to the impact of higher density, information was provided regarding the observation of the endangered Spotted Turtle in the vicinity of this development.  These arguments did not turn out to be persuasive to the Tribunal and the increased density proposal was approved.  The Town of Collingwood argued for the inclusion of affordable housing, but this was also rejected by the Tribunal. 

The Trust will continue to fight the development of the “West” lands where a marina is proposed close to the mouth of Silver Creek.  Link to Bridgewater online Ad showing Marina etc