February 21, 2024

The east side of the Silvercreek Wetland south of Highway 26 has survived another development application.

The Blue Mountain Watershed Trust was pleased with Town of Collingwood Council’s unanimous rejection of the Huntingwood Trails East development application. On February 5th  the Town of Collingwood Planning Department recommended refusal of the application, which Council supported. The rationale for refusal of the Huntingwood Trails ‘East Lands’ proposal based on prematurity precisely aligns with our own. 

The NVCA and NRSI peer reviews clearly indicate that the Huntingwood Trails East proposal, albeit a complex one, is far from viable, and represents significant Natural Hazard and Natural Heritage risks. Specifically, all proposed buffers to protect the Provincially Significant Wetlands were deemed inadequate. In addition the entire development is within the NVCA-designated floodplain, jeopardizing both adjacent developments (Silver Glen, Forest Dr). Finally, the proposed road would cross the pristine Silver Creek and the floodplain, jeopardizing wildlife and vulnerable aquifers and recharge zones.

Should the applicant’s decide to appeal to the OLT, the Trust formally intends to retain our right to act as a “Party” at any OLT hearing pertaining to the Huntingwood Trails East development.