Top Four Worst Land Development Projects in 2019

The Watershed Trust’s Watershed Action Group keeps an eye on development in our catchment area, especially within the boundaries of the Town of Collingwood and The Blue Mountains. At the moment, future development plans include 9,390 units (4625 units in Collingwood; 4765 units in TBM) with a capacity for 20,658 people [...]

The Ontario Conservative Government’s Attack on the Ecosystem

We must draw attention to the reductions in the protection of the ecosystem from recent Ontario Government actions and proposals. Endangered Species Act proposals will reduce the protection for species at risk. Conservation Authorities Act proposals and cuts will decrease the CA capabilities for support of conservation activities including flood control. [...]

Save Ontario Species

Our most vulnerable species are on the chopping block (Excerpt from Ontario Nature) In its recently introduced omnibus Bill 108, “More Homes, More Choice Act” the province has included provisions that will virtually render ineffective the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Let’s be clear what the government is saying: building housing quickly [...]

Visit the Beaver River Water Initiative (BRWI) Display at The Depot

Visit the Beaver River Water Initiative (BRWI) Display at The Depot By Debbie Crosskill Beaver River Watershed Initiative is a sub-committee of Grey Sauble Conservation Authority. The BRWI welcomes new members and seeks volunteers to help with river projects. Membership forms and information regardingthe group can be found on line [...]

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