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Top Four Worst Land Development Projects in 2019

The Watershed Trust’s Watershed Action Group keeps an eye on development in our catchment area, especially within the boundaries of the Town of Collingwood and The Blue Mountains. At the moment, future development plans include 9,390 units (4625 units in Collingwood; 4765 units in TBM) with a capacity for 20,658 people [...]

We Welcome Jim Oliver, New Member of Board of Directors

Jim Oliver moved to The Blue Mountains in August, 2018, coming from Norfolk County along the shore of Lake Erie and in the heart of Canada’s Carolinian Forest Zone. Following graduation, he was a high school Biology and Environmental Science teacher for five years, and then joined the Grand River Conservation [...]

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The Ontario Conservative Government’s Attack on the Ecosystem

We must draw attention to the reductions in the protection of the ecosystem from recent Ontario Government actions and proposals. Endangered Species Act proposals will reduce the protection for species at risk. Conservation Authorities Act proposals and cuts will decrease the CA capabilities for support of conservation activities including flood control. [...]

Help Save the Steep Seasonal Road Up Escarpment Natural

Township of Clearview’s request for Side Road 26/27 Niagara Escarpment Plan Amendment PS 215-18. The root of the problem is the proposed closing of a well-used section of former County Road 91 (Road 91) without providing an equivalent alternate route connecting Simcoe and Grey Counties. The road proposed to replace the [...]

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Developer Wants to Double the Density Within the Silver Creek Wetland

We made a submission to the Public Meeting in Collingwood on March 25, 2019,  regarding the proposed zoning by-law amendment for Bridgewater on Georgian Bay. The essence of the submission follows. The new proposal is essentially the same as the plan approved by Ontario Municipal Board in 2007 commonly known as [...]

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Meet Kathleen Knoll, New Member of Board of Directors

Kathleen Knoll has roots extending back six generations to the mid-1800s in Collingwood and the Georgian Triangle. She has strong family connections to the landscape and to the marine/shipbuilding culture of this area.  Her grandfather Arnold Knoll worked as an electrician for 25 years at the Collingwood Shipyards and her grandfather [...]

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Climate Change Report: We are Failing Badly

Members of the Trust are well aware of the seriousness of global warming and its negative effects on weather extremes of flooding, drought, forest fires, loss of coral reefs and biodiversity, forced migrations (Syria), disruptions of northern peoples, etc.; and it is going to get worse. Unfortunately, many people believe we [...]

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Another Great Year for Be The Change

If you haven’t been to a Be The Change (BTC) movie, you’re missing out. These are engaging documentaries on environmental and social themes—they inspire us to ‘be the change’ that we want to see in the world. If you have joined us, thank you! We appreciate your support. The BTC Film [...]

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Save Ontario Species

Our most vulnerable species are on the chopping block (Excerpt from Ontario Nature) In its recently introduced omnibus Bill 108, “More Homes, More Choice Act” the province has included provisions that will virtually render ineffective the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Let’s be clear what the government is saying: building housing quickly [...]

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