On October 20th 2023 the Board of Directors met to review the past and plan the future of the Watershed Trust. We had succeeded in achieving many of our 2019 Plan goals, but missed others, some due to COVID interruptions and others due to a lack of people power (and, to be honest, an rather ambitious plan).

Briefly, we agreed to focus on core membership communication, to vigorously drive membership, and to find synergies in working with similar local enviro-organizations. This last point is important: since we share many of the same goals as several new groups, notably the Escarpment Corridor Alliance and Friends of Silver Creek, we need to find ways to achieve those common goals most efficiently.  

We are also going to build on a core strength by leading the charge in fixing floodplain/water management/wetlands protection issues writ large in our area, especially with respect to development. We have the knowledge, the experience and the drive to make a real impact. We also aim to recruit the first full-time part-time manager that we have had in quite a while, which will add efficiency and efficacy. If there is a particular focus that you would like the Watershed Trust to take, please take the time and drop us a line: info@watershedtrust.ca. Your opinion counts.