The Magnificent Feast in the Forest May 24, 2015

By Blanka Guyatt

The wonderful Feast in the Forest has become an annual May event at the Kolapore Springs Fish Hatchery. Once again it was a sold out event. This year it had added significance for the Blue Mountain Watershed Trust Foundation. We were the major recipient of the proceeds and received a generous cheque from Kolapore Spring’s owner Sean Brady for more than $5000 to be put towards the Silver Creek Conservation Fund – Kolapore.

Pictured near the entrance to ‘the Feast’ left to right, Watershed Trust president Norm Wingrove, Cathy Seguin, Kolapore Springs co-­owner Sean Brady and Watershed Trust Director and Blue Mountains councillor, Michael Seguin.

“ It is amazing that these wonderful establishments and artists want to be part of this event. The chefs are very excited and are dreaming up creative dishes. This is their chance to create something very unique, the atmosphere at the Feast,” says Brady the co-owner of the Hatchery and the originator of the Feast’s event.

Everyone enjoyed beautiful weather, the vast acres of Kolapore Uplands woods and the peaceful trout pond. Chefs from many local restaurants as well as some chefs from Toronto produced creative delicious offerings. Local wineries and brewers and cideries poured drinks. Musicians set up in the woods. It was a truly magical day. Thank you Sean for your generosity.