Help save our beautiful green spaces! Either we do better now, or lose them forever.

We love the Collingwood/Blue Mountains area for its natural features. That’s why we’re here! Yet we’re digging them up and paving them over. We’re literally loving the place to death.

As of March, 2023 there were plans on the books for more than 6,100 new units to be built in the Collingwood/Town of Blue Mountains area.

Development isn’t a bad thing. It’s both inevitable and welcome, provided that it’s well planned. It’s just a question of where and how it happens. When building a vacation home damages wetlands, watercourses and wildlife corridors, it’s simply a bad development idea.

This is your chance to do something about it. When you lend your voice and your support to the Blue Mountain Watershed Trust, you make us stronger. With your help, we can do even more to protect and enhance.


The Watershed Trust.
Direct Action. Advocacy. Education.

People of the Watershed Trust

For 29 years the Blue Mountain Watershed Trust has been fighting bad development ideas, starting with the preservation of the Provincially Significant Silver Creek Wetland. We’ve had some big wins—witness recent developments with Sideroad 26/27.

We’ve got lots more battles on the go, plenty of work to do. What we need is more members. Because with more people, we’re stronger. We also need smart people willing to lend a hand. Whatever you can do, do it. Do it now. Even if it’s just a small donation. Make this your watershed moment.

How exactly do we fight bad development?

Glad you asked. We engage with developers; with Town of Collingwood and Town of the Blue Mountains planning departments, committees, mayors and councillors; as well as provincial and federal governments. We argue cases before the OMB and LPAT (now OLT). We raise funds, hire experts, and go to court to fight the very worst development ideas. We collaborate with other organizations, like Environmental Defense and the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy. We educate, we speak on TV and radio, we run events. You might have heard of See the Salmon Run or the Be The Change Film Series.

Our aim, to paraphrase Dr. Seuss, is to ‘speak for the trees’. Because we need them. Our children need them. Our grandchildren need them. The world needs them. And you can help. Help us to force our local governments to plan better in our area. After all, they work for us!


Our current projects

We can’t fight every proposed development. Nor do we want to. Well-planned development—especially infill and re-use of abandoned sites—is welcome. These are good development ideas! The Trust concentrates our resources, both people and finances, on the very worst development ideas in our area: those that threaten to denigrate wetlands and watercourses.

SideRoad 26/27, Duntroon Closing County Road 91 and replacing it by reconstructing Sideroad 26/27, tearing into Escarpment-side wetlands. Bad idea.

Bridgewater Development, Blue Mountains This proposed development sits right on the edge of the Silver Creek Wetland. It received approval for around 300 units but has filed for an increase to 654 units. Bad idea.

Aquavil on Hwy 26 at Craigleith A proposed new development next to the marshy, reedy Georgian Bay shoreline would see 136 rowhouses and single detached homes. Bad idea.

Castle Glen, Blue Mountains This 1,520 acre property on County Rd 19 near the top of the Escarpment is currently permitted for 16,000 homes, 3 golf courses, a hotel and businesses. It’s currently a forest and wetlands. Bad idea.

Think that’s bad. That’s not all. It’s just a sample.

What we need

We’ve got plenty of battles, plenty of work to do. What we need is more members. Because with more people, we’re stronger. We also need smart people willing to lend a hand. Whatever you can do, do it. Do it now. Make this your watershed moment.


Lend a hand
Considering working with the Trust? We’d love to hear from you! There are lots of things that need doing. Whatever your expertise, whatever your inclination, we can use your help. Scroll to the bottom of this page and tell us about yourself.

Thank you for being here!