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Batteaux Creek

The Batteaux Creek is the most easterly watershed in the Watershed Trust area of interest. The Creek’s mouth is located just east of the Pretty River and it drains an area of approximately 5,500 hectares.

This moderately-sized watershed flows rapidly down the Escarpment face. It becomes very slow and sinuous as it travels through the prime agricultural lands in the lowlands; nutrient run-off from fertilizers will be higher. The Batteaux suffers from some erosion problems, but still has a fairly high groundwater input and is recorded as a significant coldwater habitat by the Ministry of Natural Resources. From the air, one can see that the forest canopy is broken, likely resulting in increased stream temperature.

Some of the typical trees found along the Batteaux are Eastern White Pine, Red Pine, Eastern Hemlock, Yellow Birch, Sugar Maple, Red Maple, Red Oak and Basswood.

The Batteaux provides habitat to such game fish as Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Chinook Salmon, and Smallmouth Bass at the mouth.

Residential development has not yet had a significant impact on the Batteaux, but this may change if the approved Nottawa development is constructed.

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