December 13, 2019
Ontario Greenbelt Council
777 Bay Street, 13th Floor
Toronto ON M5G 3E5
Attention: David Crombie, Chair
Re: Watershed Planning and Management Protects and Sustains Ontario’s Greenbelt and the Entire
Greater Golden Horseshoe

Dear Mr. Crombie:
Founded in 1995, the Blue Mountain Watershed Trust Foundation is one of the leading environmental
organizations in the Georgian Triangle region. We are an independent grass-roots, all-volunteer group
with over 200 members. Our area of interest is composed of independent watersheds that originate in
the Niagara Escarpment and drain directly into Georgian Bay and forms a rectilinear shape bounded by
the Georgian Bay shoreline to the north and the highlands of the Niagara Escarpment to the south – an
area totaling approximately 90,000 hectares.

We strongly support the position of the Ontario Greenbelt Council in Report #9. We
wholeheartedly agree that the reaffirmation of the critical importance of watersheds as the basis for
planning, managing and monitoring the health of Ontario’s natural resources and systems is critical to
the health of our communities.

We also agree with the recommendation that the Provincial Government support and strengthen the
mandate of the Conservation Authorities. The CA’s were established on a watershed basis, and have the
expertise. With the additional threats from global heating, it is vital that the funding to CA’s be
increased, not reduced.


Norman Wingrove
Acting President, Blue Mountain Watershed Trust Foundation

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