Watershed Trust Policy on Bottled Water

By Norm Wingrove, Member of WAG and WT Board of Directors

The Watershed Trust is against plastic pollution, littering and energy consumption related to consumer sales of bottled clear water. We will provide pitchers of water at our events. Recently, we passed the following resolution:

It is the policy of the BMWTF to oppose the sale of plastic bottles and glass bottles of clear water in retail outlets because they have no redeeming value except portability that can be resolved by refilling your own bottle.

We endorse the Town of Collingwood’s Blue W Program.

The Healthy Kids Community Challenge is working with the Town of Collingwood and local businesses to help make tap water the easy choice. The Blue W program encourages people to carry a reusable bottle and promotes municipal tap water as a healthy and easily accessible alternative to purchasing drinks.

http://www.bluew.org/wp-content/themes/bluew/assets/img/bluestick2.jpgBusinesses participating in the program will have a Blue W decal posted in their window. This invites customers to fill up their bottles with tap water at no cost and with no pressure to make a purchase. To find a Blue W water bottle refill location near you, visit The Blue W website at www.bluew.org Water bottle refill stations are available in municipal facilities, including the Collingwood Public Library, Centennial Aquatic Centre, Eddie Bush Memorial Arena and Central Park Arena. There are refill stations at all Collingwood elementary and secondary schools.