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Our Watersheds


Watch these 5 quick videos from the Ontario Headwaters Institute to learn about watersheds and how protection of watersheds are important for our well-being:

What water and environmental issues concern you?

What nearby development proposals or current land uses are affecting your ability to enjoy the beauty of your area?

When rain falls on your home, where does it go? For example, a house in Clarksburg might drain their rain water from their yard to their residential street sewer, to the main storm sewer on Marsh Street, to the main branch of the Beaver River, to Georgian Bay/Lake Huron, to Lake Erie, to Lake Ontario, to St. Lawrence River and finally to the Atlantic Ocean. What is your watershed "address?" From the Beaver River to the Batteaux Creek, we are working hard to protect nature's beauty in South Georgian Bay.

Feel free to explore the map below and click on any map features for more information.


Please note: subwatershed areas provided by NVCA (Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority) and GSCA (Grey Sauble Conservation Authority) are for informational purposes only.

If your browser does not support the above Google Maps image, click here for a downloadable image of our subwatersheds.