Snowy Owl

Happy New Year to all BMWT members and friends!  We are pleased to bring our ‘Nature Photo of The Week’ back for another year of beautiful Collingwood and Blue Mountain area photographs.

Just as it was this morning, this beautiful Snowy Owl can sometimes be spotted on a cold, sunny day in these parts where it spends the winter before heading north again in the spring to its breeding grounds in Northern Canada. These photos were taken near Stayner.   As you can see Snowy Owls like to perch on the top of hydro / telephone poles where they scan the countryside for their typical meal of 7-12 mice a day.  Their eyesight is so acute they can even spot creatures moving under the snow. This large owl ( 0.5 m. tall with a wingspan of 1.5 m.) is active during the day as well as at dawn and dusk.
                                                           Photo and Commentary Credit: Gary Cauthers