Response from George Powell, Vice Chair Watershed Action Group to the Globe & Mail article: Canada to phase out most uses of pesticides linked to bee deaths by Eric Atkins published August 15, 2018

August 15, 2018

Dear Editor:

Re: Canada to Restrict Use of Two Pesticides Article by Eric Atkins in Thursday’s Globe and Mail (16/08/2018 article noted above).

With respect to Mr. Atkins’ informative article on pesticide use in Canada, we wish to add that most of the pesticides and pesticide mixtures being used do not have published Canadian Water Quality Guidelines. As a result, when detected in the water column there is no safe water quality limit to compare them with. The pesticides Propiconazole and Iprodione and the pesticide mixtures TriologyTM and INSTRATAR are examples.
There are pesticides that we wanted tested, but could not find certified Canadian Analytical Laboratories willing to test for them i.e. Foestyl-AL and Triticonazole.

In their Material Safety Data Sheets all the above pesticides and pesticide mixtures are indicated to be toxic to the aquatic environment.

We believe as a requirement of Health Canada registering a pesticide that safe water quality limits should be provided for all pesticide being applied to the land or water and this should be to the registering manufactures account so that it is revenue neutral to Health Canada’s testing agency and the public at large.

Yours truly,
George Powell P.Eng.
Blue Mountain Watershed Trust Foundation
Vice Chair Watershed Action Group

WAG letter to Globe and Mail August 16 2018