Become Part of Our Future – Volunteer for Watershed Trust!

A friend once said, “If we could tap into the knowledge and experience of all of the people now living in our watershed, as a group we could do anything!” You may be one of those people and

we need your help. As a group of environmentally conscious individuals we attempt to bring focus to activities that educate and inform, and protect and preserve important natural features vital to our health and enjoyment and for our grandchildren’s enjoyment.

Do you have a special talent that you would like to share with us on a project basis or in an advisory capacity? Maybe you have a background in legal affairs, environmental expertise, fundraising, media, not-for- profit organization boards, natural resources, political affairs, education, websites, etc. or you have a friend that does.

Let us know if you are interested in joining one of our Committees:

1) Watershed Action Group (WAG)

2) Communications

3) Education

4) Fundraising

5) Governance

6) Finance

7) Board of Directors

8) Web Site Editor

If you would like to explore one or more of the above options,

please telephone 705-445- 0357 or e-mail