• Thursday, April 25, 2019


  • 7-9 pm


  • Ravenna Hall
  • 628299 Grey Road 119, Ravenna, ON

About the Project

  • Join us to learn more about the proposed Petun Dam Removal Project.
  • Black Ash Creek runs from the top of the Niagara Escarpment out to Georgian Bay in Collingwood. Historically, the creek was home to native resident brook trout. Today, Black Ash Creek supports a naturally reproducing rainbow trout p​​​opulation and a few wild brook trout persisting/present in headwater reaches.
  • NVCA is partnering with local municipalities and others on a project to enhance and protect this important fishery by removing an old dam at the Petun Conservation Area. Trout need cold water to thrive. By removing the dam and the stagnant head pond it supports, we’ll lower the water temperature in the creek. This will enhance habitat for rainbow trout and provide an opportunity to reintroduce native brook trout. It will also improve water quality overall.


  • Contact Sarah Campbell, aquatic biologist, ( or 705-424-1479 ext. 243).
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