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Mission and Goals



The Watershed Trust has FIVE compelling reasons to earn your trust and support:

We enlighten people on environmental issues in our Watershed.

We protect and rehabilitate our natural resources.

We provide environmental perspective and expertise to encourage accountability with developers, politicians and municipal (lower and upper tier) and provincial governments.

We educate our youth and community at large on the environment.

We review the PTTW (Permits to Take Water) applications and monitor stream qualityin our Watershed to hold water-takers and agencies accountable.


The goals of the Watershed Trust are the protection, wise use management and enhancement of:

surface and groundwater quality and quantity

significant resource areas, e.g. wetlands, woodlands, groundwater discharge and recharge areas fish and wildlife habitat

natural linkages such as ravines, valleys and stream corridors


The goals also include the delivery of a Land Stewardship Program which will:

promote landowner and public education strive to balance the needs of the landowner with the needs of the environment

provide for both rural and urban participation

  • promote practical, efficient and ecological solutions to environmental concerns